Question by II.Sσñaя εs gяa†ιs.II: Fleas and ticks prevention?
I´ve used Frontline since my dog was a puppy and I was wondering if it´s really necessary for me to give it to him during the whole year or only in spring and summer.

Two years ago, my vet recommended to continue the “treatment” during the whole year, but last winter, my vet (different vet, same clinic) said it wasn´t really necessary and that I should only use it in May, June, July, August and September.

I realize it may depend on the area, but I´d like to know what you guys do. :)

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Answer by ShelleyS
You’re right, it depends on the area; however, if you have a dormant season it isn’t really necessary to put it on the dogs during that season. Just make sure you start again before the flea season starts.

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