Question by Dan Z: First-time dog owner: Based on my answers to these questions, what are some compatible breeds?
– what is our purpose for this dog? What are we looking for in a dog?
Keep us company. Qualities: playfull; loving; medium size; friendly; compatable with other dogs; easy to train

– who is going to exercise it?
My sister (13)

– what kind of exercise are we going to do?
Walking, running, frisbee, fetch, etc.

– who is going to exercise it if the person above is gone?
My parents

– what kind of training are we going to sign up for?
Potty training, obedience, “puppy play-time”

– who will take the dog to training?
My mom and sister

– do we have a “job” for the dog? What kind of mental activities can we provide?
No normal everyday jobs, only to provide warning barks. They’re not that familiar with mental activities but are willing to learn to provide them.

– what are we NOT looking for in a dog? What will we not tolerate?
biting;destroctive;stubborn;not intelligent;hard at training;not compatible with other dogs

Let me know if there are other questions we should answer.
1. Do you want a nonshedding breed or does it matter?
Doesn’t matter too much. As long as it’s not extreme?

2. Who’s going to be brushing & bathing it?
My sister (she’s going to be the primary caretaker – I’m off at college when Summer ends)

3. Purebred or mixed breed?
Doesn’t matter, but I would think that it’d be better to get a purebred that we know will have an easier temperament.

Best answer:

Answer by the_samurai_lullaby
Try a Bearded Collie. They’re smart, not too energetic, slightly protective of the house, and very friendly.

EDIT: I’ll give you a site for a little more information. I don’t actually own one, so I’m not partial, but I have worked with one before.

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