Question by bells *Ignorance is Bliss*: Dog ownership vs. location?
In a more or less roundabout way….

Do you think there is a difference in dog ownership within different countries?

—-for example…I lived outside the US for a while and never in my life witnessed the kid/teenage dog craze that happens here in the US. Dogs were owned for a reason (whatever that might have been). They were not given as presents to kids, nor were they looked at as “our equals”…they were dogs! There were no clothes sold for them, nor were they carried in purses, they didn’t suffer “separation anxiety”, and didn’t have weekly appointments with “Dog Behaviorists”, etc…..(I can go on)

Do you think its specific to the country…or because the times have changed?
To add: My personal experiences were about 15-20 years ago…so things might have changed.
I was going to add…that the more affluent members of the society always did what they wished….of course, they owned the little toy breeds and possibly treated them better than they did other people…but they were also eccentric in other ways as well ;)
I wonder what is up with the thumbs down… is what it is…..
@Pamela….I lived OUTSIDE the US….
@Pamela….I lived OUTSIDE the US….

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Answer by Amore
I think it may be specific to country. I’m currently living outside the US and here dogs ARE like family. You can take them anywhere with you, even restaurants. They take shelters and rescues much more serious too. If you want to adopt, you don’t just go pick it out and buy it, they actually come to your house to see the living conditions and if you’re military you have to sign a legal contract to take the dog with you when you PCS.

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