Question by mathaowny: Does this make anyone else mad, or is it just me?
I’m looking for an dog to adopt (already visited all the shelters and they don’t have a dog that our my life yet) and some people on CraigsList are making me sick.

“Sweet dog, had her five years. If she doesn’t have a home by friday, we’re taking her to the pound. Rehoming fee applies.”

Does this make anyone else mad? I mean this woman is like twice my age and so heartless…I hope she’s kidding. But why are people like this? I mean, even dogs that I’ve found stray I’ve kept till someone would adopt them! Not to mention…I see at least five or six ads like this a day. And of course when you call the “rehoming” fee ends up in the 0 area.

So what gives?

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Answer by ♥Famous Last Words♥
Sorry, but that’s all I can say.

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