Question by ms992: Does anyone know how to treat “hotspot” on a dog?
My dog recently developed a hotspot on her face. We took her to the animal hospital and she was given medication. It then started to get better. However, in the past week it has been getting worse. Can anyone tell me how to cure it?

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Answer by JeN
Discover what she is allergic to. She was treated with immune suppressants so the wound would heal, but that does not solve the problem. As soon as the medications are finished, she itches again. If it gets better with prednisone, she is probably allergic to something in her environment, try antihistamines, talk to your vet.

BEWARE depending on repeated steroid/cortisone/prednisone treatments to deal with hotspots. Any veterinarian who uses these as a quick fix without a concerted effort to find the cause has either given up, or is too lazy. Steroid treatments work wonderfully, but they also cause irreversible liver damage, and very often endocrine disease (i.e. Cushing’s) if used indiscreetely for repeated allergy dermatitis. Steroids should be used very sparingly, only for severe dermatitis when all else has failed.

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