Question by Fuzzy: Does anyone else think SOME “dog rescues” are scams???
We contacted three different “DOBERMAN RESCUES” who profess to be “desparate” to find good homes for their so-called abandoned dogs. After four e-mails to each and several voice mails left on their phones over a period of two months, we gave up. We didn’t think much of it until while just shopping in a historic little village with our own Doberman, we ran across other dog lovers who, after a little conversation, told us they too experienced the same exact thing as we had. They left many messages and sent e-mails (two were to the same as we had contacted and three in other states) but never got any answer. One lady said, “I believe there is a BIG scam going on with these rescues because their very elaborate web sites focus more on the “DONATIONS DESPARATELY NEEDED AND APPRECIATED IF YOU CAN’T ADOPT!” She “has heard” that some even post photos of their own dogs! If this is REALLY happening, 20/20 or Dateline needs to do an EXPOSE on it! Interested in helping get their attention?

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Answer by hotdawg91980
Purchasing or adopting a dog from an unknown breeder and history can be dangerous. If you are having any problems getting information from a dog owner, pass on the opportunity for your own sake.

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