Question by Fur and Fiction: Do you ever go into your “Yahoo-Dog-Speech” in public?
As I was at work (Petco) today, a nice woman came up to me and asked me what kind of treats she should be feeding her German Shepherd Dog. I instantly asked a bunch of questions (“What kind of food does your dog like?”, “Does she get upset stomachs often?”) etc., only to find out the dog was a picky eater being feed Royal Canin (!). I immediately told her to switch food and begin giving hot dogs or cheese as a “motivation food”. This very soon developed into a half hour long tour of the store where I pointed the woman to a Gentle Leader (which she chose over the choke collar she was considering), a bag of Solid Gold Wolf Cub, a new collar, and my phone number so she can call me for private lessons.

And all this thanks to my Yahoo-Dog-Speech. The same speech I have used in parking lots, at the dog park, in the groom shop, and once at the dentists office.

So what are you Yahoo-Dog-Speech stories? Ever feel like you should be getting commission from some of these companies!?
LOL Isis! I’m doing all this at the place I work! My boss walked by as I’m explaining to someone that “Beneful” is the worst food on the market- while standing NEXT TO a display of “Beneful”. Ooooh well! Score one for the dog world!

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Answer by ♥My Pit Bull is cuter than yers♥
LMAO at the dentists office!! That cracked me up!

Yes I do it all the time, but sometimes it gets me in trouble.

My Aunt has a German Shepherd with chronic hot spots, and she feeds “Nature’s Recipe” and wonders why he still has them!

I tell her it’s the food, give her the whole speech, and she gets mad at me.

So, sometimes I do my speech, but most of the time it just gets me in trouble.

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