This is a group of small dogs that get together to run, jump, chase, and play together. My normally reserved maltese struts her stuff. Maltese – Tinker Lilly Bichon/poo – Sunday Havanese – Wilson Bichon frise – Angel and Casper Chihuahua – Monroe Chihuahua – Munchkin Miniature Schnauzer – Oreo Yorkie terrier /poo – Xerxes Yorkie/poo – Princess Recorded on January 26, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Just a short frame-by-frame test. Also this video is not directed towards any small dog in particular *yes it is* and I do not condone animal cruelty of any form. If I saw anyone do this in real life, even to this specific dog, I would be very upset. ISS ONLY CARTOON.

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