Pet Stop® Containment Equipment

 UltraElite Receiver
UltraElite Receiver

Your pet(s) will wear this: our tiny, UltraElite Receiver®.  The UltraElite Receiver® provides a wide range of correction levels for a more fair training experience. 


Extra dogs can be added and Pet Stop® can be programmed to work with most “other” brands of pet containment systems.


Pet Stop® is the only receiver Collar on the market that is compatible with other brands of electronic pet fences

UltraMax Receiver
UltraMax Receiver

Designed for the larger or more stubborn dog.  The UltraMax Receiver® includes the special features of the UltraElite®, but administers a stronger correction.  With its highly efficient circuit and numerous settings, the UltraMax is the most effective in the business in keeping your pet secure.

Pet Stop
Pet Stop

Our customizable dog fence can be designed with diverse zones and settings, and is buried out of sight to maintain the beauty of your property.


Aside from keeping your treasured friends out of harms way, you can customize your pets outside habitat to keep them away from:

  • Play areas
  • Gardens & other landscaping
  • Ponds or the pool
  • Streets or the driveway
  • The front or back yard
  • The mailman

Indoor Containment
Indoor Containment

Our technology is not just for outdoor containment. 


We Are So Good Outdoors, People Bring Us Indoors Too!


Our Indoor System can easily keep Kitty off the kitchen counter or Rex out of the baby’s room. Choose wireless or custom-wired.


Modify pet-free zones indoors so your pets avoid your:


  • Favorite Chair
  • Kitchen counters
  • The dining room
  • The nursery
  • Your home office
  • Stairwells
  • Trash cans