Dogs love their time outside!

California Dog Fence uses a combination of technology and training to teach your pet to avoid the edge of the yard, gardens, pools, couches, rooms or any area you want your pet to avoid.  

Pet containment training is an important part of the experience.

We offer onsite training with certified trainers and ongoing phone support to make it easy to train your pet to the fencing system. You can train as many pets as you want on the same system, each dog needs a Micro-Programmable receiver collar.  Training takes between 7 and 14 days on average.

Our modern, gentle training program will help your pet first learn the boundaries and then…to avoid them.  Marking flags are placed around the perimeter to offer your pet a visual cue to help recognize the new boundaries.  These flags are paired with a tone warning, and an electronic correction.  The level shock is adjustable for different personalities, temperaments and breed characteristics. 

A tiny receiver worn on your pet's collar picks up the coded radio signal and issues either a warning and or an immediate electronic stimulation (depends on chosen settings) to teach your pet to avoid the boundary.

Shock is shock, and if you hear other companies’ sugar coating it…well, keep this in mind:  Your pet must not like the sensation at all and must be seriously interested in avoiding it.  Our program will focus on the positive aspects of training, and we will help you use very little correction in the training process.

The easier your chosen layout is to remember, the fewer mistakes your pet will make.  Following property lines or landscaping helps your pets remember the boundaries.  These are the three most common dog fence layouts.

In some variation, these three designs account for over 99% of dog fences installed.

Note that all three layouts tend to cost approximately the same, since the third layout requires a “double loop” of wire in the back.



PERIMETER dog fence layout

The most common layout by far, the Perimeter loop is often installed much closer to the house on the street side, as a neighborhood friendly idea.




HOURGLASS dog fence layout

The Hourglass layout is our second most common layout. This layout acts as a common fenced in backyard, separeately from the fenced in front yard. Your pet cannot go from front to back or back to front.




DOUBLE LOOP dog fence layout

This Double Loop provides backyard only protection. We prefer to protect against front door escapes as well, so this design is usually installed when landscape conditions prevent a full perimeter layout.



Indoor Fence Layout

Our pet fence solutions are just not limited to the outdoors. With our Indoor Transmitter you can keep your pets away from certain rooms and areas, such as the kitchen or away from your fine furniture. The Indoor Transmitters features the same customizable settings and features as the outdoor transmitting, and it has a special wireless option as well.

Your pet wears the same light-weight collar; no need to purchase additional equipment.


Ask about our great trade in pricing on Invisible Fence® and other brands of pet containment. We are not associated with Invisible Fence®, but several of our veterinarian clients have traded in Invisible Fence® and other brand systems. Now, we offer batteries and dog fence collars compatible with most industry-wide pet fence products for less!


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