Shopping for cute Korean dogs in Pohang
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For more information on ‘Usher’ visit or … A young hit man falls on hard times and gets a job as an usher in a movie theatre. He can’t handle it. He finds himself faced with the everyday frustrations of the workplace, and embroiled in the petty romances and power struggles of the high-school-aged employees. Unable to comprehend the unique social and moral rules of this environment, he begins to break down and lose touch with reality. Eventually his presumed training as a killer resurfaces as his last defense. Screenings/Awards – 2004 Key West Indiefest (WINNER: Best Feature), 2004 Secret City Film Festival, 2004 Telluride Indiefest Film Festival (WINNER: Best Feature), 2004 Silver Lake Film Festival, 2004 Cinema Edge Awards (WINNER: Best Actor – Thomas Alexander) For more information on ‘Usher’ visit or …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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