Pets For Allergic People – Top 3 Hypoallergenic Dogs

For people suffering allergies Hypoallergenic Dogs are the best to adopt as a companion and pet. We will examine them one by one. These dogs are purebreds. First, the list:

1. Chinese Crested
2. Kerry Blue Terrier
3. The Schnauzer

These dogs are beautiful; additionally, they have short hair, no undercoating. Even if longer hair is present, shedding is lower than other breeds.

Now, the descriptions:

1. Chinese Crested

You can choose from two varities, the hairless or the powder puff. Both are
hypoallergenic, and therefore preferred by the people with allergies to dog hair.

The hairless is not totally hairless. It has hair on its paws, head and the tail.
It may also have hair on its chin. The hair is soft and normally does not shed.
It is however a prey for sunburn, and also acne. It requires some care. Very
friendly, and enjoys human company.

Powder Puff has long full soft hair coat that does not shed very often. People
generally are not affected by its hair because of its length. Also very friendly
beautiful looking. It’s name reflects its looks.

2. Kerry Blue Terrier

It derives it name from its coat, which becomes blue once it grows to adulthood.
Was once used for hunting, hence the “terrier”. Requires constant companionship.
A larger hypoallergenic dog, with a flat head, predominant chest.

To maintain its coat, the dog requires grooming one in two months, and a brush
down at least one day in a week to prevent clumping. Since it does not have an
undercoat, allergic reaction possibilities are reduced. Further it does not shed hair
making it perfect for the allergic.

It needs protection from cold weather by giving it a warm cover on its undercoat
or by keeping it inside the house.

3. The Schnauzer

This dog is a favorite with everybody because of its good temperament, and also
because it does not shed hair. Although it has short hair, regular appointments
for grooming are necessary. You can choose from one of the following:

a. The Miniature Schnauzer,
b. The Standard Schnauzer
c. The Giant Schnauzer

They vary in size, and are recognizable from the boxy face, square build, and
short hair.

The Labrador retriever is still the most favoured dogs. But for those suffering from allergens, this is not recommended. Apart from the above, there are a large variety of dogs which suit allergic people more.

Buying the dogs listed above, can be through a Kennel Club, or a breeder lookup on the Internet, or by going through the yellow pages.

If you have doubts about allergies, and hypoallergenic dogs, you should consult with your physician and a Veterinarian to confirm, and also to ascertain the full details of the dog’s allergic propensity.

These dogs tend to be priced on the higher side because of their status as hypoallergenics. Secondly, while purchasing make sure that you are drawn instintively towards the pup; if you like one, bear it in mind, and say I will come back later. Go on to the next pound, and look. Take three to four dog pounds to look at. Compare their looks, and of course prices, and then decide. Check out their medical history, and their pedigree. If you can’t do it yourself, request someone from the Kennel Club in your area to help you. They will.

Choose well your companion and friend. Best of Luck.

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