Question by ZombieTrix 2012: Pathological obsession with dog?
I have a friend who recently got a dog. It’s a basically well behaved dog, but it apparently has severe separation anxiety (or maybe that’s the friend). Anyway, rather than do anything to treat the dog, my friend takes the dog everywhere with her: work, the store, out to dinner. (Yes, out to dinner. She tells people it’s a service dog, which it isn’t but no one is allowed to challenge her on it legally, so she gets away with it.)

It’s embarrassing and annoying. You can’t have a conversation without it being interrupted by “No! Mommy is NOT messing around with you!” or (when we’re out) “OMG! Your dog is SO cute! Look, honey! He’s in a STROLLER!”

It’s gotten to the point that I really don’t want to spend time with her because it’s all about the dog.

Any advice?
eager, you ain’t saying nothin’ new there!! LOL – I know. And what’s worse, she’s a freakin’ shrink!
Chris, I adore dogs – I totally get how cool they can be. :-) The thing is, she doesn’t seem able to accept that there is anything wrong with this situation. I emailed her my feelings on the subject and she just didn’t acknowledge the email.
Jennifer, you may have a point… but if you love your dog because you’ve never had a loving family, does it make sense to give up a friend of 30 years over the pup? I adore my pets as well… I really do understand that. but would I lose my dearest friends out of a refusal to leave my pets alone for a few hours? I don’t think so.

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Answer by Chris
Talk to her about it. A dog is not a human but they can be cool. She must split the time and dont give to much attention to the dog. Take her to a dog trainer and ask for help (like how she should split the time with the dog)

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