Question by gardensallday: New neighbors’ 8 month old Rottweiler puppy is getting aggressive, what to do?
My brother’s new neighbors got a Rottweiler puppy a few months back, and this puppy is getting very territorial. The dog has growled at my brother, and also growled and blocked the door when the neighbor’s 6 year old boy wanted to go into the house. The dog has the whole aggressive stance going – not playing, for sure. The dog runs into my brother’s very large yard (he’s on the edge of a small town, so he has a few acres). My brother already had a mild dog phobia, and now he doesn’t feel safe in his own yard. The dog gets out of the house because the 6 year old leaves the door open by accident. The neighbor lady was there when the dog was blocking the door, and pulled the dog back so her son could come into the house, and my brother commented that the dog seems to be getting very territorial and may be dangerous to the boy, but he says the lady just blew him off and made excuses for the dog’s behavior “he’s friendly.” The neighbors spend little time with the dog because both parents work full time, and they are doing their own remodeling of the house. So the dog is ignored most of the time.

Ok, so there are multiple concerns here – My brother wants to feel safe in his yard, which is far too large to fence in, and there is a concern about the neighbor’s little boy, which apparently Mom thinks her Rottweiler is going to cure himself of his aggression as he gets older, cuz his owners aren’t training him, that’s for sure.
THE DOG IS THREATENING THE BOY, ALSO. Or, are you saying that a half grown Rottweiler blocking the doorway into the 6 year old boy’s HOME and growling at him is of zero concern?

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Answer by casey
Get your brother to try and set up a time when he can interact with the dog in a safe environment where the dog won’t be too on edge about him being around. Try interacting with the dog when the child is not around and then take it from there. Get him to offer the dog treats and things like that. If the dog feels safe around him then he can start to feel safe around the dog.

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