Question by Maria: Need help figuring out Puppy Vaccinations; also, Neuter Reccomendations?
I bought a 3-month old Maltipoo (turns 4 months in April 3rd) and I’m looking at his vaccinations list.

In his papers, it says this about vaccines:

Vaccinated: 2/10/08
Vaccinated: 3/16/08

round/tape: 2/9/08″

I looked over the available vaccinations list, but the ones I see in there do not include DHLPP? It says DA2PP and DA2LPP. What does this mean? Is it the same? I’m assumming that what he has listed means that he already got his two series of shots; how many are there remaining?

I bought Insurance for him from PetPlan (maximum coverage), but I am aware it does not offer preventative care or spay/neuter procedures. I’m getting the rest of his vaccinations at his vet.

Also, at what age do you reccomend for me to neuter him? I know there’s a couple of low-cost neutering programs out there, so if you know about them it would be great. Not necessary though — I’ve already decided on a vet for him, so I’m just looking at other options.

Thanks! :)
Almost forgot! (Or ran out of space, either of the two)

How much does the procedure usually cost, and which company do you reccomend? I know there’s 24-hour-pet-watch, homeagain, ect… any experiences with these?
I’m really bad at additional details; I was asking about Microchipping! Oops! :)

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Answer by Arei
I thiiiinnkkk there are 2 or 3 more of that first series shots remaining for your puppy. I think, I would ask your vet though.

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