A dog’s ear mites can be treated through a homemade garlic oil, which can be prepared by soaking thinly sliced garlic in oil for two weeks, by warming it in the oven on low heat for three hours, by placing the combination in a double boiler for 40 minutes or by warming it in a crock pot on the lowest setting for six hours. Place two drops of garlic oil in each ear twice a day with information from an herbalist in this free video on natural pet care. Expert: Deserie Valloreo Contact: herbalwise.us.com/ Bio: Deserie Valloreo is a member of the American Herbalist Guild. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Education on ear mites. petsbestrx.com Learn the answer to Can you let your kids play with your pet that has ear mites? This video contains information on pet health. petsbestrx.com
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