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After the contaminated food scare that happened in 2007, there was a rise in the demand for natural healthy dog food for their precious pets. Discussed in this article are the natural foods you can feed your dog and the benefits to its health and well being.

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When we talk about providing your dog with the right nutrition this is making sure that your dog’s eyes, teeth, coat and general well being are given priority. With exercise and fresh air combined you will have the perfect healthy dog whose company you will enjoy for many years to come.

The best way to give your dog natural healthy dog food is to cook it yourself, but we knew that it is almost impossible to do that on a daily basis. Finding a commercial dog food is the next best alternative. It is prepared in a natural way with high quality ingredients, no fillers and by products, added nutrients and no chemicals. These foods would often cost high but it’s all worth it because you’ll see your dog healthy and fit, coat shiny and energized.

Dogs are born carnivorous so they need to eat meat. You can find a wide variety of lamb, chicken, beef, liver and pork meats mixed with vegetables and nutrients that come in dry food packs or as canned wet food. Make sure to check the ingredients listed on the label of the can or bag and avoid buying meats that come from by products; meaning no hooves, tails and skin.

Avoid giving your dog foods that has soy, it is one of the main causes of dog allergies and difficult to cure skin problems. All natural dog food contains proteins and carbohydrates that give the dog energy. Dog treats that are all natural, is the best source of natural food.

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