Question by calmingbluesky: my lawyer says police did their job when they shot my dog for biting neighbors dog. who is she working for?
neighbors dogs just finished peeing on my lawn. i rent. i open door & my am. bulldog runs after her dog. my dog bites her dogs ear & wont let go. neighbor & i try to get dog to release. my dog has never shown aggression b4. 10 police arrive w/in 10 min. w/ 5 hand guns & one rifle drawn yelling at me to let go of dog so they can shoot w/ “bean bag”, i put my body btwn guns and dog, pleading & crying for them not to shoot. they shoot 2x point blank in chest while he is in my arms. i’m tackled to ground, thrown on cruiser, arrested for obstruction, spend 19hr in jail, give consent for dogs treatment 2 seperate times, but dog is never treated b/c vet working w/ cops want $ upfront but i’m in jail, i arrive 20 hrs after incident to vet to find “dog just died”. i have been fined by city, county, & state. i even had warrent issued b/c “paperwork mistake”. i lost my friend. my lawyer said cops were doing their job. how do i get her to really work for me? should i get another lawyer who will?

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Answer by Re Fined
She/he works for you

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