Question by : My kitten has distinctive colors & markings… Is it possible to associate her with a specific “breed”?
A couple of weeks ago my town suffered through a historic flood. As I was helping families recover the bit they had left, a lady showed up with a box of kittens. She was very hesitant of letting them go but had to being her home was ruined. She said her cat had given birth to these kittens and since the flood she’s not been able to find her cat but wanted to re-home the kittens. I picked a little girl out of the litter and my husband and I named her Tigger. We call her Tigg. We named her that because she resembled a Tiger to us, and had cool looking spots all over her tummy and stripes and markings on her head and in between her eyes. The other day I had a few friends over and they seen her for the first time, somehow… They started having a conversation and my kitten was brought up… They were saying she had markings of a Bengal, Toyger, or Ocicat the only thing was she doesn’t have green or blue eyes. Her eyes are gold, and they mentioned her personality was similar to a dogs. She loves for me to throw things and she’ll bring them back as if she’s playing fetch. She loves water, and instead of being a lap cat, she’s my shoulder kitten. Always likes to be high on my shoulder. The one thing I found real interesting is that when she meows she sounds like she’s cooing. It’s really weird, I’ve never had a kitten that resembled her personality or physical traits. Her face is more longer than wide, has gold eyes, and her ears arent very pointed, they’re kind of rounded at the top… Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me what she is… I love her dearly regardless… It just made me curious and would like people’s feed back.

Is there anyway to tell if a kitten or cat is associated with any specific breed by their physical??
I honestly do NOT care rather the kitten’s a breed or not, so don’t generalize. I’m not a cat person, I’ve never owned a cat before this is my first time. So what might be normal to usual cat owners, wasn’t normal to me. If I truly wanted a Pedigree feline, I would have bought one off a quality breeder with papers, etc. It was just a question out of curiosity due to the conversation I had with my friends. So a simple “NO” would have been sufficient, everything was irrelevant. But thank you anyway, Dreamer.

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I hope you don’t live near the Schoharie Creek, where flooding wiped out Prattsville, and did major damage to Schoharie & Middleburgh!

It’s really difficult to determine a specific breed of cat by its markings, especially in the case of domestic short hairs, and a mother who probably mated several times with several toms.

I’ve had several cats with similar traits like your kitten has – every cat has a different personality. One can tell, by your story, that your new kitten loves you and has bonded with you. How perfectly wonderful that she has found such a loving home. Animal shelters in upstate NY have been refusing to take cats all summer, because of the immense populations of stray cats – they are overrun.

I recently adopted a white kitten someone threw into my son’s front yard, wrapped in a garbage bag.

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