Question by SmallTownGirl: My Dog…?!?
Okay, I have two dogs, but one of them is scaring me more and more by the day. First off, her nose is crusty just at the tip top part of her nose. The rest of her nose is wet and cold like any other dog. Also, she “eats” one of her paws. At first, I thought it was boredom, and I bought her rawhide chews and fun squeaky toys which she played with and chewed on, but anytime she rested she chewed on only one of her paws. And last, she is ALWAYS scratching her stomach. We give my dogs a pill monthy so I know she doesn’t have fleas/ticks/worms.

I should also mention she is a very small, fluffly dog. I was wondering if all of these things were related to allergies? We took her to the vet and he told us nothing extreme was wrong but I still think something is up. She’s an inside dog but she definetly goes outside for walks and to play or go potty in the yard.

So my question is, what is going on with my dog?! And what do her “symptoms” mean or point to?

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Answer by initialbad
allergies, I have a small Boston terrior that has similar issues, not quite this bad but bad enough,she scratches her ears a lot, not mites, and has to be on lamb and rice food as directed by her vet, maybe try that it may help. But small dogs are prone to allergies,so I hear.

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