Question by Pheonix Fire: My dog is getting irregular black skin spots on his back, and we can’t identify what it is!?
He’s a Cairn Terrier born March ’07 and we got him around May ’07. Copper is regularly a creamy color with grey/black ears and snout, but a few months after we got him I noticed he had black spots on his back. I didn’t think much of it except that it was birthmarks. But now that he’s almost an adult dog, the spots are a little bigger (it may just be proportionate and grew because he grew?) but it seems like they’ve grown… They’re in irregular shapes, usually circular, and flake off. They won’t wash out and I’m highly positive they aren’t nits or flea nests since he has no bugs and we give him his wormer. I’ve looked online to see if all Cairns have spots, but none others have it apparently. The closest thing I could find was “Black Skin Disease” that occurs in only Pomeranians and makes them smell funky, but he doesn’t smell at all. We’re afraid it may be a disease or form of skin cancer. We’re very poor and probably can’t get him checked out by a vet. What should we do ?
April, we may be poor but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog… He’s had ALL his vaccinations. We got him from a pet store and got the rest of the vaccinations free.

The flaking of the spots is sort of like, dandruff, but he doesn’t have dandruff anywhere else. Its just like pieces of skin falling off or rotting or something. It doesn’t cause him any pain, and its not very noticable because he has a long fur coat, but when you move the hair its pretty scary to look at.
He came from a pet store, yes, but his parents were champions in whatever dog contests and he is a purebreed Cairn Terrier, like Toto. He was a 0 but my sister bought him for 0. She doesn’t live with us anymore and my dad can’t pay for a vet visit. The only weird feature about him that may show that he isn’t the “top dog” of his breed is that his two bottom front teeth are crooked a little (haha, cute though.) If you’re interested in what they look like, look up “Cairn Terrier” on google images, he’s a golden one. =D He’s a real joy to be around. I hope he’s okay or its not serious and can be cured or tamed. Thanks a lot you guys for helping!

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Answer by bayan a
it is necessary to see it’s doctor

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