Question by nimrod13: My dog has strange eating patterns…any ideas?
Okay, so I’ve had my dog for about a year now, and most of that time I’ve been feeding her a fairly good quality food (Innova Large Breed Puppy Food). The thing is, she doesn’t seem to like it…or any food for that matter. Over the year I’ve tried quite a few, and she seems to like them all at first, but then it’s like she gets bored with them. She’ll eat a few bites, then walk away, then eventually at the end of the day when she must be starving she finally eats it all. We tried putting other things in the dry food to make it more exciting (water, beef/chicken broth, dog food “gravy”, etc.) and nothing seems to work.

Sometimes I wonder if she LIKES her food stale, and maybe that’s why she waits so long to eat it, but who knows.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else had the same issue? It’s driving me crazy, I don’t really know what else to try. Thanks.
Well, it seems she is actually more comfortable eating when I am next to her, but that still doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll finish her food.

She is a little over a year old.

I actually thought about trying to put her on a schedule. Would you recommend putting the food down at the same time every day? Or would it be okay to vary it a bit?
Oh and I’m pretty sure her teeth are good. I checked and didn’t notice anything…plus she chews on hard toys a lot without a problem.

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