Question by jennifer: My dog bit someone. What do I do… Legally?
So on thursday i was at the park with my kids and my dog (on a leash) a guy rode his bike right behind me very close and my dog bit his leg. I offered to pay for medical bills . I called to check up on him a few times while he was at the hospital. My dog is now on house arrest for 10 days. Thursday night i get a call from the guys(the guy my dog bit) wife yelling at me and saying a bunch of mumbo jumbo, i asked to talk to her husband and she will not let me. Then on monday i get a call from a lawyer and the first thing he says to me is.. ” hows your home owners insurance?” Well i dont own a home.
Im just wondering what can he sue for? And can a lawyer call and ask me that right off, isnt that harrashment? I have no problem paying for his medical bills but i get the feeling he is trying to get as much as he can out of me.
What should i do I dont really have money to hire a lawyer myself.

Please no rude comments . Thank you

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Answer by ladystang
better find money for a lawyer. get all the witnesses you can find and hope for the best.

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