Question by Paige Meredith: My boyfriend wants a Pit Bull…..?
Well, my boyfriend and I have been doing the long distance thing for almost a year since we graduated college. He will be starting law school in my town in the fall and plans on moving here in June. His dream since he was a little boy has always been to own a Pit Bull.

And no, it is not for machismo or for security or what not. He has always loved the breed, researched it for years, and has all these training plans for it including puppy training school, agility training, etc.He actually hates that people breed/train these dogs for the wrong reasons and we are both very aware of the stereotypes of the breed.

The problems are:
1. He will be in law school. Not much time for a pup, especially one requiring extra socialization.
2. I have a Miniature Dachshund and i have read that you should not leave a pit bull alone with a small dog (and no I do not believe everything I read) but I would never forgive myself if something happened to her!
3. This is a man I see myself marrying. We will likely someday be living together. My mom HATES pit bulls. she is not educated about them but is very stubborn in her disregard for the breed. My neighbors small dog was killed in its own fenced in backyard by a pit bull and she judges the entire breed now. How can I get her to accept my bf’s new pit bull puppy as part of the family and a safe dog??

So basically, I am looking for some advice, suggestions, or even jusr reassurance that Pit Bulls are great dogs. I have always defended the breed but after my neighbors dog was attacked by a “nice, home-raised and well trained” Pit bull, I have doubts I just can’t supress.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this or answer.

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Answer by Kip
I would think problem 1) one is your biggest issue, How is he supposed to devote all this time to the dog, when he is in law school?

It sounds like you both need to wait. If he waited 2 years he can wait longer.

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