Question by : My Alaskan Malamute needs a detox?
Well… our poor Alaskan Malamute is having issues yet again. He just never seems to get a break. I want to keep this short and hopefully someone can give me some suggestions. Here are his current “symptoms”:
– licking bum (has no anal glands since June), area is now red and has no fur.
– licking paws and nibbling on a sore that’s developed on one toe. Sore is swollen and red now.
– more whining that usual
– scratching his nose/mouth, will scratch in a very rough manner for 60-90 seconds if we don’t interrupt
– more nervous than he usually is
– rubs his face on the couch or dog bed immediately after eating

I expect it’s allergies and I want to “detox” him to try to get the flare up under control. Then I’ll start looking at other food options. I’d rather avoid the vet for now if I can (just for financial reasons). So here’s my plan:
– wash all floors with cleaner and then vinegar
– wash all dog bowls (food & water)
– wash floor of garage (very dusty, including drywall plater dust)
– wash dog beds
– wash Alaskan Malamute!
– rice only diet for 2 weeks
– no vaccines for now (I don’t want to get into that)

We were traveling A LOT over Christmas, and were around a lot of other dogs. He obviously snuck a few bites of other dogs foods here and there, and that may be what caused the flare up. However, we was licking his bum and that one toe for several weeks before Christmas too, just not as bad as now…

So what do you think? Can you recommend anything? Any help is welcome, as usual.

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