Question by Kaz: looking for a dog food for allergenic dogs?
My dogs are allergenic. licking paws , biting, scratching… one of them is getting worse. I feed them “Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food” for about 3 months. They love it. But her itching seems to get worse… I don’t want to give them a medicine for allergy. In stead of using medicines, I want to change their constitutions. It is hard for me to find out the causes of their allergy. So, at least I want them to get stronger constitutions. If someone knows about a good dog food for allergenic dogs, please give me informations.

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Answer by hemi426mopar
Could be a skin condition,i know you said you want to avoid meds,but yrs ago my dog had a skin condition scating and it drove her crazy,the vett told me to give her Benedrill,so i put it in her food once a day,she didn’t even know it and she was so happy,died at age 15 yrs old.

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