Question by Moose Kitty: Long story, Crazy neighbors. Please help!!?
Last year their daughter would give us dirty looks because I was pregnant and play her music very loud at all hours of the day, she was doing drugs. I would call the cops and it would stop. Then their dogs kept getting in our yard and running away through the hole in my fence. They expected us to fix both holes in the fence. I wouldn’t as it was not my problem, they then would put things in front of my gate so the dogs would stay in my backyard and not run away. I would move them and they’d yell and get pissy. One day their dog ran into my house and I told them to keep the dog off my property or I would call animal control. She then starts yelling at me and tells me my unborn baby is going to run away and that the state was going to take him. As a pregnant woman I naturally got really pissed, I knew her daughter had been pregnant so I told her that I was glad the state took the baby away from a drug user and I hoped they would never see it again. She was using in plain site before hand. She yells to me that her kid has a “mental illness”. When her dog finally runs away and doesn’t come back she leaves a note on my door blaming me that it ran away and that “Carma a bitch”. (She can’t spell) She called the cops saying it was in my backyard. Of course it wasn’t. Since then they have been harassing us non stop. She asked my husband If his dad was gone as in dead. He has cancer and she knew this. She keeps parking in front of my house which I can’t do anything about, but when my guests park in front of her house she comes over and bangs on my door till I answer and tells me to move it. If I don’t then she keeps banging on my door. I have not been nice in any of these circumstances, I honestly don’t help the situation but the things she says..she’s lucky I don’t do worse. I do not start things when I see her, I ignore her until she starts threatening me or saying things that would make you want to jump her. I never go on to her property and verbally abuse or threaten her in any way, she has done this numerous times. Plus I think the daughter and her male friend are dealing drugs and I am scared for my sons safety. The HOA will not deal with them, they said they are getting a break because they are going through “hard times”. They are breaking so many of the rules that are enforced on everyone but them. What the hell can I do? The HOA president won’t do anything and I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough evidence for the police. Please help…
I have already and my son and I think it’s way to late to try and make peace. They want a war.

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Answer by PonyGirl
Holy cow, what a soap opera. A pregnant woman definitely does not need this kind of drama. For your own sake, I would try to do something nice, bake a pie or whatever, and tell your neighbors you do not want to be at odds with them and let by-gones be by-gones and try to get along. I wish there were some sort of counselor or mediator that could help with this, but especially as you are pregnant, it is important that you do not have these bad vibes permeating your life.

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