Goodbye Buddy

Image by Thomas Hawk
Buddy passed away earlier this month. He was 12. He was a great dog who came into our family before we ever had kids. We had two labs. Toby died last year and Buddy died this year. This is a photo of Buddy up at Lake Arrowhead where we went camping last summer.

It was the hardest on the kids. They cried all night and were so sad to lose him. It was horrible.

My brother’s dog just had puppies and we’re going to go visit them this weekend. The kids already want another dog but I think we’ll wait a while.

It was probably time for Buddy. He was getting old, having a hard time walking and started getting big growths all over his body. He’d slowed down considerably. He was a great dog and we’ll miss him for sure.

When he was younger he was addicted to fetch. He’d want to play so badly all the time. Over and over and over again. He could play for hours. He loved fetching in the ocean most of all. We’d take him down to the beach and throw the ball out into the water and he’d swim out and go get it. He stopped playing fetch about a year ago. He just seemed to lose his spirit for chasing the ball. A shadow of his former self.

One thing about Buddy though is he did *always* love to eat. That dog was always on the search for food. And with four kids unfortunately too many dropped bites of pizza or pasta or hamburger or whatever always seemed to make their way to Buddy. We put him on adult diet dog food for the past few years to try and control his weight as he was less active. But he’d still constantly be on the lookout for anyone with food in our house or anyone he dared to leave their bagel just a little too close to the edge of the counter or whatever.

He was a great family dog and companion. Friendly with everyone but a good watchdog who would bark whenever anyone approached the house.

Goodbye Buddy old Pal.

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