Question by Wayne A: Last night Air Force 1 touched down in Sydney, will firehoses or tazers work best on protesters ?
Just wondering as the US President and his huge entourage visit our beautiful city, why should we tolerate unemployed, long haired or “sheltered” University student protesters ?

As our equin and horse racing industry is in the grip of an Equin Virus, our Police may not be able to be mounted on their horses for crowd control ! So what would work best, firehoses or stun guns ?

The hippies have made NO REAL contribution to our great Nation !
Don’t be ignorant fools ! Australians are your Allies just like we also Great Brittains. I hate useless hippie long haired protesters as much as I hate disrespectful Amaerican and English wankers that offend Allies ! Down with the Hippies, but don’t disrespect your Mates !

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Answer by joe bloe
A 0.50cal HMG will cut them down nicely.

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