Question by dogs: Laser pointers, can they be considered “unhealthy” for pets?
Lately in pet stores i’ve been noticing a lot of laser pointers being sold there. I’ve always considered them a sort of “health” hazard for dogs mostly.. At least mentally. Some neighborhood dogs were introduced to it last year and they have become very obsessive over this laser fad, to the extent that a few of the dogs have started chasing lights all over the place (bike lights, reflection of light on streets, flashlights, etc.)

I just wanted to know some of your answers to these questions :

– do you think that laser pointers should be sold at pet stores?
– do you think this can be hazardous to a dog’s mental health?
– do you use a laser pointer with your dog? If yes, how did he/she react and how do they react every time you take out the laser?
– what’s your opinion on the laser pointer for pets in general?

I did show it to one of my dogs long ago, and she just got too crazy with it that i had to throw it away, but maybe i’m wrong and not all dogs will react the same way, but i’m pretty sure some dogs can get a tad too crazy with them that it becomes dangerous for them.

thanks for your time :)
wow, thanks everyone this was interesting to read all the different personal stories. I have actually seen the laser toy in pet stores with dogs on the cardboard packaging in the packging. This is why i brought it up in the dog section. It’s sad to see sometimes because i’ve seen dogs who have become unnaturally obsessed with things that never phased them before until the laser pointer showed up. I guess we can agree this should mostly be played with cats and certainly not for all dogs. Really glad to hear some stories, thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Borderline Collie
– Yes (edit, forgot about cats)

– Yes

– I have, yes. Both dogs showed mild interest in it, and ultimately ignored it after about 20 seconds. I attributed that to them getting sufficient mental and physical stimulation. It is now used as a “pointer” as it should. If I want the dog to give me something, I point the laser at it and he will get it for me.

– I see it as a novelty. People use it to get a laugh out of their pets jumping around trying to attack the light. Don’t see a specific “benefit” from it in the ways that the majority use it. And ultimately most dogs end up neurotic from them.

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