Question by Sassy Shibas- sea kittens = yum!: Kate Beckinsdale’s “ultimate cute pooch accessory”?

Yes, media, please make even more people believe that the hottest item to have is a “cute pooch”…looks like a Cocker Spaniel to me…anyone want to bet on how many questions about Cockers we’ll start having soon? Grrrr…I know it will always happen, I know, but I actually haven’t seen it, really, since Paris and her dog. There are lots of celebrity dog activists, but those guys aren’t slapped with the caption of “Check out so-and-so with this HOT accessory!” Just kind of bummed me out.

Also, completely other topic, is removing ticks from puppies the same as removing them from humans? I’m going to be picking up two male puppies from a farm this weekend to take them to the vet and then place them in rescue (they’re SO cute it’s going to be tough not to keep ‘em!!) and I saw that they had ticks inside their floppy ears last weekend. Just wondering if there’s a different process or not.

Thanks all, Happy Wednesday!

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Answer by Rachel – Pit Police
“What kind of puppy does Kate Bekinsale have?”
“How can I convince my parents to get me a cocker spaniel?”
“What’s a good name for a coker spaniel?”
“Who else thinks cocker spaniels are the cuuuuuttteeessst?”

Joy of joys….I can’t wait.

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