Question by : Is this weird at my Humane Society?
okay so heres the story at my Humane Society… See if you think the pricing is too much.


Humane Societys try and REHOME dogs right? Not to sell. Anyways. 41 dogs (all over the age of 5) were brought in. Shiba Inus, Westies, King Charles Spaniels and some other breeds. They have never worn a collar, never been on a leash, never been trained and basically never gotten to be a true “dog”. For most of the dogs, they charged 0-0 for each dog…. Except for the one that was 12 years old.

I mean, don’t you think that price is too much for a dog thats never been on a leash, never worn a collar OR never has gotten to be a normal dog? I appreciate those who adopted them (all 41 were adopted!) but I think 0 is too much for just “rehoming” them… Even though they like the money for buying food, treats, toys etc.

Even a puppy under 8 months is 0. There was a blue/ gold macaw that they “rehomed” for 6. Isn’t THAT a little too much… Even though those birds live a well 26 years or so…

What do you think the price should of been for those 41 dogs.

(It included spay/neuter and ID tag but ALL the dogs have that included when adopted)

If I offended anyone, I’m sorry. I just wanted thoughts of opinions on if you thought those prices are way too high. Bunnies are , rats, mice and gerbils are , kittens are 0, cats are aout , DOGS range from -0 (yes there was a 3 year old dog that was 0… Golden retriever) smf puppies are 0-0

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Answer by Kathleen
Considering the dogs have to be temperament tested, spayed/neutered, brought up to date on shots, fed, housed, microchipped, etc. this is not unreasonable.

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