Question by Brandon: Is this a sign my dog is loving me to much?
Normally when i leave i come back within a minute or two or sometimes just a few seconds after i leave the house during the summer. So my dog has grown use to that and he will wait at the door but after i left the house for a couple of days he just stayed at the door waiting for me for a couple of days. Just sitting there and crying at the door and for the record we had someone else there for me to watch him and the caretaker claimed that “he would stare at your picture” meaning me.

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Answer by Emily R
Is your dog sitter exaggerating? I mean… dogs can’t recognize pictures like we humans can. And why is it bad that your dog is ‘loving you too much’. Who buys a dog and says ‘ok, i want a dog, but there is a certain amount of love that has to come from it. I don’t want it to like me all too much’.

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