Question by Lois Griffin: Is there a difference between a pound/animal adoption center, and a “shelter of last resort”?
PETA is under criticism for having very high euthanasia rates.

AOL News reports that the organization euthanizes more than 90 percent of the dogs and cats sent to its Virginia headquarters. According to state records, PETA euthanized more than 2,300 dogs and cats in 2009 – or 97 percent of all those brought in. It adopted only eight.

By contrast – in 2008, the Norfolk SPCA adopted 86 percent of its dogs and cats while euthanizing only five percent. And the Norfolk, Virginia city pound euthanized about half of its dogs and cats last year.

PETA’s defense: “Those other facilities are animal adoption centers. We are not an adoption center. We are a shelter of last resort. We take in animals that are refused from other shelters.”

Is there really a difference between a pound and a “shelter of last resort.” ???

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Answer by Madelaine
Well I’ve never heard of a shelter of last resort but I know for a fact most pounds actually have no-kill policies, so the only reason they are euthanized is because they attack someone or if the dog is really sick, and I do think that is what a ‘shelter of last resort’ may be because some pounds instead of euthanizing a dog like that will actually send it to PETA where they..’coach’ or train a dog if it is vicious, or if its on its very last legs of life. That kind of makes sense for the rates..

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