Is The Dog Bark Collar Effective Training For Your Dog?

There are many opinions on using a dog bark collar to train dogs. Some believe this is an inhumane way of training a pet. Others believe this is a great way of training a dog. The simple truth is the collar is not the problem. The way it is used – responsibly or not – is what determines the safety and humane aspects of the dog bark collar.

Types of Dog Bark Collars

There are several types available to aid in training your dog not to be a nuisance in the neighborhood. How many times have you tried to sleep and listened to a dog barking for hours? If you have experienced this problem, you know how frustrating and aggravating repetitive barking can be. You wonder if the owner is immune to the sound or has given up and gone somewhere else to sleep.

A dog bark collar can be a very useful aid in training your dog not to bark continually. There are several types from which to choose. They work on the premise of giving the dog a mild shock. The bark triggers the first warning which is the mildest. The bark collar typically has six levels that are dependent on how often the dog barks.

The collar usually delivers the mild shock the first time the dog barks and if it barks again within 30 seconds the shock is intensified slightly. The shocks will intensify a little at a time if the barks are within 30 seconds of each other. Repetitive barking will take the collar to the 6th and final level.

As a safety measure, if your dog barks 15 times during a period of 50 seconds, the collar shuts off for three minutes and resets. If the dog barks only once during a 30 second period, the collar automatically resets to the first level.

This is just one type of collar to control barking. There are others that work by emitting a whistle that is only audible to the dog. This device will adjust itself the barking pattern of the dog and is based on the idea that the whistle will distract him from barking. It is an ultrasonic whistle that is harmless to the dog, but when barking becomes relentless the whistle will sound.

The size of your dog is another factor in determining what dog bark collar you will need. There are some that are available for small dogs that weight no more than 4 or 5 lbs. The collar you purchase should have a bark detection feature. This allows only the bark to cause a corrective shock.

Some collars even have a tracking feature that will allow it to set itself to the pattern of barking exhibited by your dog. The collar will set the level that is best for correcting the barking problem. This type has ten levels that can be used to achieve results and are available for small dogs as well as large breeds.

Do You Know Why Your Dog is Barking?

The responsible use of a bark collar has shown very positive results. The behavior your dog is showing by barking continually will be eliminated and everyone will be happy again – especially your neighbors. One thing you should do before using a bark collar is try to determine why your dog is barking in the first place. If there is a legitimate reason, correcting this should take care of the situation.

Often dogs will bark when they need something such as water. This is the only way they have to let you know they require something. They may just need some attention. In order to be a responsible pet owner, you must take the needs of the dog into consideration. Dogs are not meant to be loners. They are pack animals. As their owner, your family becomes their pack.

Maybe the barking is his way of letting you know he does not want to be alone. Another reason your dog may bark excessively is he wants to come inside. There are some dogs that are fine to be let out to do their business, but they want inside as soon as they are finished. When you do not come to his rescue he will bark and bark trying to get your attention.

So finding out why he is barking may help you determine the right way of handling the situation. If you decide a collar to deter barking is the way to stop your dog from being a nuisance, you will be happy to know there are several types, so one will fit your budget. Ranging from about and up, the type you choose will determine the cost.

Determining the Right Collar to Use

Although there are many types of collars to stop barking, the one you use should be one you are comfortable with. There are some collars that spray citronella in the dog’s face when he barks. This is said to be harmless, but if you had citronella sprayed in your face, don’t you think this would make you a little angry?

A shock collar is probably the best way of correcting the behavior of your dog and stopping nuisance barking. You can test it for yourself and see what the shock feels like. The lowest setting is recommended for the dog to start. By seeing what the shock feels like at each setting, you can determine if the collar is for your dog or not.

Just remember one thing when you decide to use a bark collar – the humane aspect lies with the user, not the collar. If you use the collars responsibly, they will not harm your dog. The results will be a better behaved dog and peace will once again reign in your neighborhood until the next car comes through with speakers loud enough to wake the dead.

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