Question by Kicks like a girl: Is it normal for my dog to “rescue” kids from the pool?
I have a German shepherd, and even though he was not raised in a home with small children, he absolutly adores them! Any time I take him out in public, he cannot resist the urge to meet all of the kids around us. He likes adults just fine, but he goes crazy over children!

Anyways, my little cousin was hving a pool party at our house, with three friends ages 7 and 8, and his baby sister that is 2 years old. My dog was in the backyard (as he usually is when we are in the pool) and for some reason he was paying extra speacial attention to the kids. Then they started playing and splashing around, and one of the kids dunked underwater for about 30 seconds. My dog ran and jumped in the pool, then hauled him out by the back of his pants. At first we thought it was funny, but the we realised how nervous and stressed out he was. I put him in the house, but he continued to watch through the windows. What can I do to show him that everything is okay?
I want to be able to have him outside with us when the children are swimming, but I don’t want him to think that they are in danger. It is nice to have him watching over when they are playing- I would hate to have him stuck inside the whole time.

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Answer by bre
well yeah…that means that dog is really smart and obediance.

ur lucky

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