Question by drbolddrbold: Is enzyme robbing in dogs scientifically documented? If so, are supplements beneficial for a dog fed dry food?
I feed my 6.5 year old ACD mix a high quality dry food (“Canidae” and/or “Chicken soup for the dog lovers soul”). She is allergic to many different grasses, and suffers from atopic dermatitis– and subsequent skin infections– frequently and sporadically. She was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism (just barely within normal range). She is spayed.

Im just curious whether enzyme robbing is something to worry about, or whether its hooplah. By supplements, I mean digestive enzyme supplements.

Id really appreciate the opinion of a DVM, or anyone else who isn’t just regurgitating what they read on the internet from some self proclaimed pet health guru.

Thank you

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Answer by Save the Wild
i am not an expert. so i dont know. but i would consult a good vet. sorry, i am not very helpful.

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