Question by Skye: Is anyone else tired of this “reverse psychology” nonsense?
I’m talking about stuff like this:

“You don’t like homosexuality… so you must be homosexual!”
“You spent all of your time trying to disprove God… so you must believe in God!”

I’m not going to take sides on these issues as that’s not the point of the question. It’s just that some people are arrogant enough to think they can tell others what they think and feel.

It seems like, ever since reverse psychology became a part of popular culture, everyone and his dog thinks they can apply it to everything, thinking they’re intelligent.

They’re not.

Ms. Taurus: An arctic fox.
Sorry, that should read: “everyone and his dog think”…

Irrelevant, I know.
rbc: You may be right about it not technically being reverse psychology, but you’re wrong about the homosexuality thing. People hate it for all sorts of reasons, not just because they’re part of it. If you think that they’re all homosexual, you’re incredibly ignorant. One study is not enough, and that was only one group of people. Since I see no details about it, I can’t analyze its effectiveness.

The truth is that people love to twist things around for their own goals.

Best answer:

Answer by richbro
I hear you,

Like Islam is a peaceful religion!

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