Question by Josh: Is a high protein food bad for my puppy?
So I have a 6 month old Maltese/shitzu mix and he has been throwing up all day but I was told by someone that a high protein dog food is bad for small dogs? I have been feeding him “blue” brand dog food. “”. Is it bad for them?
I forgot to add that he has a liver problem. I don’t know what but we took him to get neutered about a month and a half ago, and his liver enzymes were too high, so they gave us a month supply of pills for him to take one a day. Then last week we took him to get tested again and it was still too high. The level was 29.4, and they won’t do the procedure until it’s below 25. We have him scheduled for an ultrasound so start finding out what the problem might be.

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Answer by BYB’s R Mini Puppy Mills
If she’s been on the Blue Buffalo for awhile, it’s not likely that it’s the food.

My small dog found Blue Buffalo way too rich – as she does with most high protein foods. Blue Buffalo is a high quality food, but many small dogs simply can’t digest it well.

If the vomiting continues for another day, or if any other symptoms pop up, puppy should be brought to the vet ASAP.

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