A Russian fisherman showed bravery after rescuing a black dog who got stranded on a block of ice in sea in the Okhotsk Sea off Magadan Port, Siberia.

Punkin is a special little puppy. She had hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and has some neurological issues as a result. She tips over a lot and walks unsteady at times. Our vet thinks she will continue to develop and improve (and she has improved a great deal from a few weeks ago). She needs a loving adopter who will give her a safe environment in which to be loved and flourish. Punkin and her littermates were born on 11/24/10. Their mom, Lady, is a Husky mix and dad might be a Lab mix. Punkin has an adorable personality, likes toys, likes to play, likes to chase. She can see well, hear well, as far as we know.

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