Question by Ryan A: i want to know if this is a good food mixture for a 5 month old amstaff puppy?
I feed him two cups of wellness large breed puppy food one cooked scrambled egg no seasoning and chopped in small pieces, half a can of Kirkland all natural dog canned food “chicken, and lamb” and a choice of unseasoned chicken beef or ham cut into very small pieces. i mix it all together and a little bit of k9 power nutrition powder.

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Answer by Terra L
The amount over a day sounds about right, but not all given at once. At 5 months my boy got a cup of dry with half a can of wet with a tablespoon of cottage cheese twice daily. He ate three times a day up until around 4 1/2 months. I don’t think it is the best a idea to give all of it to him at once. However, if he’s eating fine and your vet says it’s ok then I wouldn’t worry.

The amount and mixture does sound fine though.

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