Question by john17: I maybe killed an old lady’s dog?
Just to explain I have a business where I go into retirement communities door-to-door to take checks for “health insurance” or whatever. And don’t start on about how its wrong and whatnot, look at how much money comes out of your paycheck for Medicaid. Old people have been screwing us for years. But this isn’t about that so save it. Yesterday this old lady said something about a preexisting condition and surgery or something, anyway she was excited and went to get her checkbook. Her dog started biting at my pant leg, so I started trying to kick my leg free but he had a good grip. I accidentally kicked the dog square in his ear, it wasn’t super hard or anything but the dog just froze there in shock for about two seconds and then slumped over like it was dead. I panicked when he wouldn’t come to and the lady was coming back, so I scooted him under the couch, grabbed the check, and got out of there. Its really been bothering me though, not being able to sleep and so on. What should I do? I could keep being a coward and hope she thinks she killed it herself, or I could do the right thing and get back in there somehow and take care of the body.

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Answer by kittyz
ohh….. go see the lady, if the dog dies, tell her what happen. It’s the best thing to do.

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