Question by Jumpforthesky: I just adopted a dog from the pound and it turns out he has a torn ACL. I need help!?
I adopted “Elvis” aka “Buddy” (Airedale/Lab mix) from the Seattle Humane Society 3 weeks ago. They didnt show me his medical records until after I had signed all the papers and paid for him and it turns out he had a “limp” that they noticed. I soon noticed his stiff legged walk and him running on 3 legs (its his back left leg that bothers him). It turns out he has a torn ACL (seems like the vet at the pound should have known this but all he put was “possible arthritis”). I cant afford the surgery, there’s just no way and he’s had this injury for at least 3 months (with me for 3 weeks at the pound for over 2 months). I love this boy with all my heart and I need to know if there is anything else I can do for him. He’s only 2 years old and I dont want him to be miserable his whole life. He doesnt seem to be in pain but does has a “stiff” gait on his “bad” side and will walk on 3 legs at times but you can fully munipulate it without causing him any discomfort. If anyone can give me ANY tips it would be greatly appreciated. Btw I cant get Care Credit I applied for it and was denied because I dont have any credit (Ive never had a credit card or anything like that)
He did receive x rays at the shelter and it said there was nothing they could see. My vet says it’s a torn ACL and he needs surgery but that isnt an option for me right now.
Im going to call the shelter tomorrow but I really doubt that they’ll be willing to help, they let me adopt an injured dog as it is.
Wow, I never even thought of that. I am going to get on that as soon as they open tomorrow. Thanks so much for the information.
I am going to get ahold of the shelter asap I just figured once I took the dog they sort of wrote off all responsibility. He DOES NOT like to be crated. He ripped the door off of the last crate I put him in and he is CRAZY hyper. He does back flips and side flips and twirls and spins on a regular basis. This is on top of the hours of walking we do a day to keep him calm, he’s just a puppy still. I think keeping him still is going to be the hardest part.

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