Question by trish: I have always that “store brand” dog food is horrible?
My boxer is on blue buffalo large breed puppy food. He has had diareah in the past (see previous question) and still has if off and on now even though I have been told blue buffalo is great. Do you think it could be too rich for him or something and I should try a cheaper food and she was happens? Does anyone feed there dog “store brands” and have no problems? He is a 7 month old boxer
Sorry, I have heard store brands are horrible
I don’t want to feed him “cheap” food, I just don’t know what to do
What would be a good food for sensitive stomach?

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Answer by chevalrose
It really depends on the dogs system. The best thing is to look for stuff that doesnt have “bi-products” in the ingrediants. These are things that can make your dog sick.

My dog gets Purina Beneful Healthy Coat and she does great on it. We’ve tried things like, science diet…and it didnt agree with her.

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