Question by Baleon: I can manage my dogs weight.That being said would it be beneficial to feed my adult dog puppy food?
I’ve looked up the question “can you feed an adult dog puppy food” and all the answers are from bandwagoners saying “It’ll make you dog fat”. Well since I’m not blind and I pay attention to my dog, I think I can watch her weight. That being said, would the extra nutrients and Omega-3’s in puppy food be beneficial for an adult dog to maintain her health? I mean every living thing needs vitamins, there doesn’t seem to be a reason to stop feeding my dog nutritious food just because she grows up.

Please don’t mention her getting fat at all because as I said twice, I watch her weight.

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Answer by Greengage
Feed her good quality adult food, then give her canine supplements/nutrients in addition. You are in control then. But if you get a really good food, you shouldn’t have to do this.

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