See the full preview at: The Kingdom of Pets “Secrets to Dog training” has based their research on Real-life case studies. You will be given the tools to handle 25 behavioral problems and how to learn your dog good habits and NOT bad habits. Dogs understand things very differently to us humans. Some of the problems you will learn to handle are dog to dog aggression, housebreaking puppies, barking, house training a puppy, house training a dog and older dog house training. The “Secrets to Dog training” is not only directed towards one specific race of dogs, but have worked for a wide spree of different dogs and dogowners. So weather you are looking for small dog training, or adult dog training, this is will help you train your dog into what you would concider a well behaving dog. “In the first month we were at our wits end and when I bought the Secrets to Dog Training books online we were a week from giving him up ourselves. (…) In the months since we got and read the books he has become a different dog! Everyone says so. We have recently been told people suggest us to friends in the area who have dog trouble and we have helped socialise several problem pups with Jack (because its good for him as much as them) all thanks to Daniel and his book giving us that extra knowledge that has really rounded out our own understanding. Unlimited consultations in the Members Area forum and the team of dog trainers, vets and fellow dog owners. To ensure that you get

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