www.DogsBestFriendofCentralFlorida.com Introducing, Teaching, and Training Dogs how to use a treadmill. Paul Pipitone shows you animal behaviorial and training techniques with untrained dogs in real time. Do not attempt these techniques without consulting a professional. Most dog training videos include already trained and well balanced dogs. How can you learn by watching a dog that is already trained? My videos include real clients, real dogs with real problems. All of my videos are real time so that you can see how a dog is really rehabilitated. Typical dog behavior issues include aggression, biting, excessive barking, dominance, disobedience, and neurotic behavior. Whether you obtain your dog from a reputable breeder or a shelter, proper manners and obedience training are often overlooked, and dogs are soon sent away and in some cases, eventually euthanized. We believe that almost any dog, any breed, at any age can be rehabilitated. Before you give up on your dog, let Dogs Best Friend of Central Florida show you how proper dog training and behavior rehab can give you back the furry pal you always wanted. We are dedicated to helping people and their dogs maintain a healthy, happy relationship. www.dogsbestfriendofcentralflorida.com Hi, my name is Paul Pipitone, and I appreciate you visiting my channel. I want to give you a brief outline of my 20-year background and experience with dogs. I became interested in dog behavior and obedience when I was a young boy. My family
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