Question by bye.: How to teach my dog to use the “doggie stairs”?
my yorkie can’t jump on my bed because its to high.. so for christmas i bought her doggie stairs. i have tried to teach her but it never works.. she just sits and barks until i put her on the bed.. and then when she wants she jumps off so im afraid she’s hurting her back and back legs. she needs to learn to use the stairs. any tips? have you ever tried to teach your dog to use them?

thanks in advance.
she can walk up normal stairs thats what is so confusing. i just get annoyed with her barking so i give in and pick her up. i guess im the one who should man up. lol thanks i will try using the treats.

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Answer by Bonzie12
You could try putting a treat on each of the steps and maybe she’ll go up them as she gets the treats. She’s probably not sure what to do with them. Does she go up and down other stairs? Also if you keep putting her into the bed, they why should she use the stairs. Try not putting her in bed with you when you go, and I’ll bet she’ll use the steps.

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