How to Stop Dog from Barking

A dog will bark for many different reasons. Dogs may bark to warn you that a stranger is approaching or an intruder is breaking into your home. Dogs that are in pain or frightened will also bark. Dogs also bark to get their owner’s undivided attention or to frighten their owner or other people.

Whatever the reason, we are all in agreement that it can be extremely annoying and look for ways to stop dogs barking. Many dog owners with dogs that bark constantly are charged with disturbing the peace. Thankfully, it is possible to stop dogs barking without just cause.

The best way to stop dogs barking is to train your dog when it is appropriate for him to bark. A number of options are available, the best being the reward/reprimand technique. This method is both humane and effective.

As an alternative to this method of training, some dog owners choose to use an electronic collar, also known as a bark collar. The collar is worn by the dog, which is then activated when he starts to bark. The dog is startled when the collar emits a small electric shock. Eventually, your dog will stop barking as he connects discomfort with his barking. In my opinion, bark collars are a cruel way of training dogs to stop barking.

There are many reasons why electronic collars should never be used, the least of which is that some dogs don’t connect the pain from the shock with their barking. Some dogs are able to tolerate the shocks so the barking continues. Also, dogs with thick coats may not feel the electric shock if the prongs on the collar are not in touching the skin. In addition, just using an electronic collar to stop dog barking hardly ever works. Usually, optimal results are obtained by including dog obedience training.

Although electronic dog collars don’t really hurt dogs, some people think that they could be discouraging to dogs. For this reason, citronella collars are the choice of some people. Citronella collars emit a mist each time the dog barks. Most dogs hate the smell. Once your dog understands that the foul smell is emitted when he barks, he will stop barking to avoid the smell. They are probably just about as successful as electronic collars.

The vast majority of vets and dog trainers believe that, although shock collars can be useful, they are no substitute for good dog training. Obedience training is effective for most dog behavior problems, not just dog barking. It also helps with other dog behavior issues.

Surgery is the most drastic and, in my opinion, barbaric option to stop dogs barking. In order to stop dogs from barking, a portion of the larynx is removed. It is not unheard of for the dog’s bark to return, voiding the surgery. Happily, the majority of vets are against surgery as a way to stop dogs from barking.

In conclusion, I hope we have convinced you that obedience training is the best way to stop dogs barking. You should bear in mind that, if your dogs stops barking by using a barking collar, he will also not alert you to an intruder in your house. By providing your dog with good obedience training, he will protect you and your family but he will also understand when barking is appropriate.

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