Protect your home and family–and provide them with a loving friend– by giving them the gift of a guard dog.

Capone was mainly used as a guard dog for his 7yrs of life. His owner was a male who taught him commands in the Armenian language, and the only other female Capone was ever exposed to was his owner’s mother, who watched him when his owner went away. Capone had his own space outside in an outhouse where he had a blanket and had use of an igloo dog house. He was well taken care of, but was not allowed inside the house, and was not potty trained when I first got him. I neutered Capone right away, once I got to know him a bit so he would be more secure at the vet’s office, and after his neuter, his potty training came instantly! He has his own bedroom now, and he is a love bug! Capone had never lived with another dog, but he is well socialized now around friendly respectful canines, and he would love to have a home where he was allowed to share the warmth and comfort of the inside of the house, where his family is. Capone’s owner had warned me that Capone doesn’t like to be touched under his chin, so I purposely get him used to my hands all over his body so he’ll know there’s nothing to fear from a human touching him. Capone has a very high prey drive- no cats please. To find out more about Capone please email

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